Belle Brine, Electrologist

State Licensed Electrologist

Studied at Accurate Academy of Electrology and Illinois School of Electrology

Certified Professional Electrologist

Certified by the International Board of Electrologist Certification

Certified Nurse Assistant

Studied at Parkland College

Electrology Association of Illinois

Member of the State's Professional Association

American Electrology Association

Member of the National Professional Association

Meet the owner of About You Permanent Hair Removal
Belle A. Brine, LE/CPE

Licensed Electrologist and Certified Professional Electrologist
Member of American Electrogy Association
Member of Electrology Association of Illinois

From Engineer to Electrologist | Belle's Experience

Belle A. Brine, owner of About You Hair Removal, was harnessing the power of electricity in a much larger form long before she became an electrologist. By the end of her 30-year career working as a Lead Engineer at the University of Illinois, she had developed a deep understanding of electrical current. She now uses that knowledge to help better utilize the power of the milliampere for large volume hair removal through electrolysis with the Apilus Platinum System.

Over the last 25 years, Belle has reached out to many electrologists nation-wide for assistance with her own hair removal needs. Through this process, she was able to establish the strengths and weaknesses of certain hair removal modalities and techniques. After retiring from the University of Illinois, Belle pursued her passion to give back to the community by sharing what she has learned to be effective and comfortable.

By creating About You Permanent Hair Removal, Belle now connects those in need of facial feminization and large volume electrolysis with professional, licensed electrologists who can provide cutting edge services.

Certified Professional ElectrologistBelle has studied at both the Illinois School of Electrology and Accurate Academy of Electrology to become a State Licensed Electrologist (LE). She has also been tested through IBEC (The International Board of Electrologist Certification) and holds the title of Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE). Her skills allow her to maintain the highest sanitation and sterilization standards, and provide the most professional care by becoming a member of the American Electrology Association and Electrology Association of Illinois. She uses the most advanced transgender facial hair removal and permanent hair removal technology known to date and is able to provide client-specific care.

Specializing in Transgender MTF Facial Hair Removal

About You Permanent Hair Removal specializes in transgender MTF facial hair removal and treats those seeking large volume hair electrolysis within the The Zukowski Center for Cosmetic Surgery along with other affiliates at the facility. The Zukowski Center has the full package with its affiliate businesses. All in one place, you will find superior professionals in their fields executing skills of: Permanent Cosmetics, MTF Hair Feminization Restoration, Facial Feminization, Body Feminization surgeries, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, and aftercare services. Coupled with The Zukowski Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we are able to provide our service of MTF facial hair removal while the comfort of pain relief is provided by Dr. Zukowski himself.

Clients with more traditional hair removal needs are seen in our downtown Champaign, IL location. At this location, we are able to maintain a personal treatment plan for specific areas of hair removal, including those seeking MTF Facial Feminization Electrolysis.These sessions are provided in a private, professional environment for your convenience and comfort. These hair removal sessions are those which do not involve pain relief administered by a doctor.

Professional Memberships & Accomplishments

Electrology Association of Illinois Member of Electrology Association of Illinois
The Electrology Association of Illinois (EAI) is an affiliate of the American Electrology Association (AEA).

Laura's Playground Verified TG-Friendly Electrologist of Laura's Playground
Laura's Playground is a Free Support Site for MTF, FTM Transsexual , Transgendered, Crossdressers, Intersex, Androgynous and their Significant Others and Friends.