Answers to Common Questions About Transgender MTF Facial Hair Removal

What makes About You Permanent Hair Removal unique?

At our facility, you will find professional, skilled technicians using the most advanced technology to date. However, this is not what makes us different from other electrologist.

What is provided that others may not, is a more comfortable treatment plan for our clients. Because we are located within the Zukowski Center for Facial Feminization and Cosmetic Surgery, we are able to perform large volume hair removal with the comfort of a combination of numbing agents. Dr. Zukowski can provide prescription strength topical lidocaine, intravenous sedation (twilight sleep) and nerve block depending on the individual needs of each client. All clients will receive post-epilatory iontophoresis and vibro-massage to reduce post-epilation trauma. We treat the face, body, breast and genital areas for pre-op and post-op FFS and GRS surgeries.

Use of any medicine or narcotics administered to aid in the comfort of a client is contingent on approval of current medical history and wellness by Zukowski Center for Facial Feminization and Cosmetic Surgery.

What should I expect during the Zukowski Center for Facial Feminization and Cosmetic surgery SHE CHICAGO Package?

You will start your day at 5:30 am, at the Zukowski Center for Facial Feminization and Cosmetic Surgery. After the Doctors final check of your medical wellness evaluation form, your application of prescription strength topical lidocaine will begin. Then your intravenous sedation "twilight sleep" will be started by Dr. Zukowski or his surgical staff. This sedation will cause you to be very relaxed, but still quite conscious.

The intravenous sedation will dissipate over 35-40 minutes; once made comfortable by your sedation, Dr. Zukowski will administer your full field block. Then, two technicians will work to remove large volumes of hair over the next 7.5 to 11.5 hours. You may receive 1 or 2 more partial field blocks throughout the day. You may be electronically monitored and visited periodically from Dr. Zukowski and his staff throughout the day. All clients will receive post-epilatory iontophoresis, vibro-massages, to reduce post-epilation trauma. You can have one or two full days of electrolysis in this way for a total of 30, 23 or 15 hours.

For more information call Belle directly at 847-999-8526.